About Us

Our Mission

We're here to help you network and improve your skills. 

Our Vision

Our networking events strike the right balance helping you make new connections and improve the  life and business skills for you to lead and dominate your industry. We invite the best possible coaches and consultants to cover branding, marketing, selling and other topics related to personal and business growth

Our Purpose


  • We differentiate ourselves from traditional networking groups by focusing on delivering valuable talks, seminars & workshops that help our members become self-reliant and develop new life & business skills.
  • We believe in health, wealth and prosperity in all areas of life so our members generously share what works in order for hope to be restored and progress to take place. 
  • We showcase the best local talent whether it be business or life coaches/consultants, community leaders that are making a change around them or service providers that target the small business community
  • We create videos to document what happened and share it with others who were't able to attend.